Make money on the beach playing fantasy football… Say what?

how draft kings workDaily fantasy sports operate in a similar concept to regular fantasy sports.

However, the main difference between the the two is that daily style fantasy sports begins and concludes within a much shorter time period.

For example, a typical contest for sports like basketball and baseball only last a day while sports like the NFL football last for 2-3 days.

Fantasy Sports 101, Draft Kings Basics

If you are not knowledgeable of the concept of how fantasy sports work in general, ensure that you utilize the abundance of free guides in regards to your preferred sport of choice.

This can be found on an abundance of websites such as fantasy sport themed forums and a variety of blogs.

How It Works

* You get the opportunity to win and subsequently risk real cash legally.
* The draft is dependent on the salary cap.* Based on the fact that your draft is complete independent of everyone’s draft, you can draft the same team as another individual.
* You can get paid that very same night as opposed to waiting for a whole season.
* The major difference you should understand with daily fantasy sports is that it has a shortened time of contest.

The way in which you are able to build your team and the circumstances surrounding how they will score points are dependent on the sport. A good rule of thumb to go by is that the more efficient your players do on the field, the more points your team will accumulate on the leader boards.

In order to stay on top of your fantasy game, make sure you have an acceptable hosting plan so your website will perform at optimum speed and quality.

3 Steps on How To Join and Play Today

1) Enlist On A Daily League Website

The league website is the place where you’ll go to join contests and to receive your payouts. As such, the first thing you should do is to create an account and make a deposit at a daily fantasy sports league website. Many people have regarded FanDuel and DraftKings as being two of the most user friendly sites. As such, there are an ideal place for beginners.

2) Select A contest

When it comes to the amount of contests that are available, there’s no shortage. In the lobby you will be able to choose from dozens, if not hundreds of contests. As a beginner however, ensure that you start with a contest that has a small buy-in or a free contest, which can give you the opportunity to get the knack of things.

3) Put Your Team Together

As mentioned before, you have to remain under your salary cap. Therefore, choose the best players that you can, and be aware of your salary cap.

Types Of Contests

When it comes to the types of contests that are available, some of them include:
* Double Up
* Large tournaments
* Sit-N-Gos
* Beginners
* Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple Ups
* Head 2 Heads’s

As a beginner, most experts recommend that you should start small such as the “Beginners Only” contests and gradually work your way up to larger field tournaments. It is worth noting, however, that experienced players tend to partake in the “Head 2 Head” contests, so ensure that you gain some experience before you elect to partake in those types of contests.

Try not to get frustrated and don’t let the trash talk get to your head. The lobbies are full of middle-aged men all jacked up on cheap beer and testosterone supplements. But you got this.


The rules surrounding scoring points is partially dependent on the site’s scoring rules. However, in general Football players score whenever they make a touchdown or make positive yardage.

Basketball players score points and baseball players get rbi’s. Just remember that each sport has it’s own set of unique ways as to how you can play and subsequently score.

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